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Product development history:

Product development history

2015 Developed double twisting machine with outside payoff & inside take up and inside payoff & outside take up for stranding steel wire rope.
2014 Manufactured bearing supported tubular closer model 1+6/800 for the first time.
2013 Trial-manufactured the bearing supported (not under roller supported) planetary closer model 500, 630 and 800 (totally 9 sets in different models have been manufactured since then)
2012 Trial-manufactured the planetary closer model 1+8/2000 (for closing steel wire rope of Φ200mm)
2011 Manufactured planetary closer model 1+8/1400 (totally 3 sets) and started to export planetary closer.
2009 Started to mass-manufacture and export bearing supported tubular strander & closer with oil lubrication.
2008 Manufactured the planetary strander & closer in tandem model 36/630+48/630 for the first time. (Totally 2 sets manufactured)
2007 Manufactured the bearing supported tubular strander 1+36/630 for the first time (up to now, the longest tubular strander manufactured is about 90m).
2006 Manufactured the tubular closer with in-line stretching for elevator rope for the first time. (Totally 55 sets manufactured since then, model 400-630 with 8 or 9 bobbins)
2005 Started to mass-manufacture model 500-800 planetary strander & closer in 2 or 3 tandems. (Totally 26 sets manufactured since then)
2003 Started to mass-manufacture bearing supported tubular strander & closer with grease lubrication.
Manufactured the planetary closer model 1+6/1250 for the first time. (Totally 15 sets of
2000 Transformed from the state-owned enterprise to joint-stock private enterprise.
1988 Trial-manufactured bearing supported high speed tubular strander (model: 1+18/315) with oil mist lubrication.
1982 Trial-manufactured high speed tubular strander (model: 1+18/200) supported by air cushion bearing.
1980 Manufactured planetary closer (model: 1+6/600) for the first time.
1975 Designated by National Machinery Department and Metallurgical Department as a professional manufacturer of tubular and planetary strander & closer for steel wire rope.
1974 Started to manufacture strander & closer for steel wire rope. The first under roller supported strander (model: 1+9/200) was successfully trial-manufactured. Since then, company has been dedicatin
1969 Manufactured equipments for turning, milling, planning, grinding, boring and hobbing, etc., partly for self-use.
1958 Manufactured air blower, rice thresher, pulverizer and components of internal combustion engines, etc.
1952 Manufactured iron pan, soil nail, plowshare and hoe, etc.
1952 Company established.
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